About Us

O. Z. Navigator is a partnership between Nitze-Stagen and Housing Diversity Corporation.

Nitze-Stagen (NSCO) builds vibrant, sustainable communities in the greater Seattle region which enhance the lives of visitors and residents while respecting and preserving the historical and natural environments. Our Mission is to create places where people thrive due to our active engagement in the ownership and management of high quality properties, earning the loyalty of our tenants, inspiring pride and dedication in our employees, and building value for our partners.

Housing Diversity Corporation (HDC) is at the forefront of the mixed-income housing movement. Founder Brad Padden’s company has a storied legacy of delivering affordable housing in tier 1 urban markets. HDC is revered for its ability to deliver real estate that fulfills its mission to make desirable housing more attainable for all.

O. Z. Navigator combines the best of both companies to serve the Puget Sound Marketplace. NSCO’s enduring stewardship of community and historic placemaking, and HDC’s commitment to affordable housing for all magnify our reach to create a more livable region for all of our neighbors.